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All prices quoted include V.A.T. Orders over 100 are delivered free of charge.

Promotion & Fund Raising Ideas

Sand Art


Photograph of a variety of bottles filled with coloured sand.

Sand Art is a simple yet very satisfying activity for persons of all ages.

The only equipment required is a bottle, a funnel, some scoops and a mixture of different coloured sand.

This product requires very little set up time and enables even those with little artistic talent to create wonderful designs and patterns, which can be made even more interesting with the use of a supplied sand poker.

Sand Art has been run particularly successfully at School Fetes, due to the ease with which it can be set up and run either outside or in. This low cost idea provides a perfect new idea for fund raising, and also as an educational activity to demonstrate the use of colours, shapes and materials.

By using any of the Special Event packs (as shown below), you have all the materials you need to set up and run Sand Art anywhere. All you need do is unpack the materials onto a table and you're away! You don't need to worry about what quantities of sand to order, as we will provide everything that you require in balanced quanties and can advise you on which Special Event pack best suits your needs.

Starter Pack (70.00):

91 Small Pluton Bottles (50ml)
91 Corks
10 Different Coloured Sands
10 Tubs
10 Scoops
8 Funnels
8 Sand Pokers

Refill Pack A (90.00):

132 Small Star Bottles (50ml)
132 Corks
10 Different Coloured Sands

Special Refill Pack B (16.00):

10 Giant Cat Sand Bottles (500ml)
10 Corks
10 Different Coloured Sands

Special Refill Pack C (20.00):

20 Sea Shell Bottles (200ml)
20 Corks
10 Different Coloured Sands

Special Refill Pack D (75.00):

100 Crazy Wave Bottles (50ml)
100 Corks
10 Different Coloured Sands

Special Refill Pack E (75.00):

100 Heart Shaped Bottles (50ml)
100 Corks
10 Different Coloured Sands

Gold Panning

Photograph of a gold sifting pan with sand and two medals.

This is without doubt one of the most successful activites to arrive in Theme Parks in recent years.

We now supply all of the equipment to set up and run this popular attraction, pans, gold, sands, scales, troughs and medallions.

If you want to find out more then please contact us.

We are now able to offer this activity on a hire basis. We do recommend that this activity is most suitable for larger functions.

Rental costs per day

Equipment rental deposit 300 (includes delivery, 8 pans, sand, gold, scales, trough.)

You supply the water!

Medals cost 50 per 100

On return of the equipment, we refund 200.

We recommend that this activity should be charged at 1.50 a go but it's really up to you.

Please call to check on availability before you order!

Wax Hands

Photograph of coloured wax hand models

Another really popular activity which enables you to make a wax copy of your own hand. Not quite Madame Tussauds but the neart most mrer mortals will get to it! We can supply the equipment for permanent sites or rent it for short-term events.

This activity is only really suitable for older children (7+) or adults but it really is very popular.

Equipment starts at 6,500 and this will enable about 12 people at a time to make a copy of their hand. It will take about 12 minutes to make these 12 hands which will sell at 4 to 5 each.

The customers cool their hand in cold water for 30 seconds or so and then dip their hand into the hot wax momentarily. They take it in turn to continue dipping 9 more times until the wax is thick enough to be cut at the wrist and removed. The hand is then hardened and coloured in one of 6 colours.

Again this is an activity for large functions but please enquire about equipment hire, as it really is a fun activity!


Photograph of a large variety of coloured gemstones and a velvet pouch.

A tub full of beautiful coloured gemstones, a scoop and a velvet pouch are all you need to start this activity.

There is also a poster, which shows the names and origins of many of the individual stones.

This activity will shortly be available in a mail order park. More details will appear on this site in April.

Wanted Posters

A Wanted Poster for a Female Pirate.

Boy and Girl Posters are available together with a basic printing set which allows this activity to be set up anywhere in a matter of minutes. A simple template is put in place on the poster and the name of the customer is printed onto the poster. These will also shortly be available in mail order packs.

Glow in the Dark

Photograph of a variety of glow in the dark products.

These fun lights are a must for any Night Time Activity, such as Discos, Firework Parties and Halloween.

Products like flourescent necklaces, bracelets, head boppers, wans and swords. The list is almost endless.

We change the product range every year so please enquire about current products.

Car Flags

Photograph of French, English and Belgian car flags

New this year and a must for every sports fan. A simple flag which clips onto your car window and shows who you support on those important sporting days. Please enquire about standard and special flags.